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Brad Pitt wants to make sequels to 'World War Z' for some reason

On the other hand, Angie is looking well, isn't she? Here they are Monday in Paris.

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On the other hand, Angie is looking well, isn't she? Here they are Monday in Paris.

If you're a zombie movie fan, you already hate Brad Pitt because the trailers for the movie adaptation of undead epic World War Z already have crushed your hopes and dreams of the film being any good. But guess what? He's already hoping for sequels. Why, Brad? WHY?!?

The world premieres of the flick have already begun, first in London on Sunday, where someboy from BANG Showbiz who had no clue what Max Brooks' book was about asked if there were any follow-ups in the pipe. Pitt's answer was less than desireable.

''I think it lends itself to a couple of them. We've certainly got enough to mine from the book and enough to pick up, certainly, if this thing works," he said. And by "works," he means whether or not they make any money. ''These films have got to be fun. I'm just so thrilled with what I think we've achieved here, because we've really taken a genre and bent it, made it original, and we do not let up. It is so intense.''

Given that we already know the movie focuses on a single character and uses some kind of weird, sped-up zombie tsunami as the menace, we figure Brad's idea of bending a genre means breaking its source material irretrievably. While we reserve judgment, we don't know what kind of movie Pitt made, but it sure isn't World War Z.

[Last modified: Monday, June 3, 2013 5:10pm]


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