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Chris Brown says beating up Rihanna was 'the biggest wake-up call'

It's hard being Breezy.

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It's hard being Breezy.



It's pretty much common knowledge The Juice* isn't a fan of Chris Brown, but in case you all forgot, here's the big reason why: He said in a new interview that "the Rihanna incident," as he calls it, was "probably the biggest wake-up call for me." Because punching your girlfriend bloody, biting her fingers when she defends herself, then trying to cheat your way out of community service afterward is the media's fault.

"I had to stop acting like a little teenager, a crazy, wild young guy," Brown told the U.K.'s Guardian. He also says that it's all in the past, while making it sound like that was never his past in the first place.

"You can talk with all my girls that I did mess with before, and it's never been a violent history," he said in his defense. "But at the same time, I learned from it, and it was almost like … I wouldn't say it happened for a reason, but it was something to trigger my mind to be more of a mature adult. To handle myself in situations, don't throw tantrums, don't be a baby about it."

Not to sure an attack so brutal Rihanna basically had to go into hiding afterward could best be described as a "tantrum," but it's more than that. Nothing ever seems to be Chris Brown's fault. Poor guy. Just blame The Juice* for it.

He does make one interesting point, saying he's likely getting harsh treatment because of his race.

"Young black kids don't have the fairer chances. You can see Lindsay Lohan in and out of court every day, you see Charlie Sheen, whoever else, do what they want to do," he said." There hasn't been any incident that I started since I got on probation, even with the Frank Ocean fight, the Drake situation, all those were defense modes. People think I just walk around as the aggressor, this mad black guy, this angry, young, troubled kid, but I'm not. I'm more and more laid-back. It's just that people know if they push a button, it'll make more news than their music."

That's a compelling assessment about LiLo and Chuck, although their legal troubles are more about drugs and not so much about hitting other people repeatedly (Sheen did threaten Brooke Mueller with a knife on Christmas, though, and got in trouble for trashing a hotel room while a hooker hid in the closet). Then again, it's not like Chris did any jail time or ended up in rehab. Give it time.

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