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10 things that happened at Cannes

1. Lindsay Lohan reportedly made out with DJ ladypal Samantha Ronson aboard Sean "Diddy" Combs' yacht, Fox News says. Photos of the two necking and/or heavy petting (depending on which Eisenhower-era euphamism you prefer) are spreading around the Web. We don't have any of those photos, but here's a shot of what Lindsay wore to the Dolce & Gabbana party on Friday:


2. Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong got super up-close-and-personal at the D&G party, and were later photographed driving around together. Here's how Kate looked at the party:


3. Benicio Del Toro won an award, presumably for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Squinting:


4. Rose McGowan showed up in this. Good to know she's healing nicely after having her leg replaced with a machine gun in Grind House:


5. Sean Penn, Robert De Niro and Catherine Deneuve went head-to-head for the title of Dourest-Looking Celebrity:


6. Also, Sean Penn likes to smoke on the red carpet:


7. This photo happened:


8. Philip Seymour Hoffman's beard ate three people:


9. Milla Jovovich really, really wanted you to notice that she's showing a lot of leg:


10. Mike Tyson was there. Also, he is in need of a tailor:


(Photos: LiLo, Benicio, angry actors, De Niro, Hoffman, Tyson, AP; Rose, Kate, Milla, Getty Images.)

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