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ABC hires nerd dream team to make 'Ex-Comm' pilot




The nerdlingers will no doubt pass out at the mere mention of the writing team assembled to create a new pilot for ABC that crosses The West Wing with The X-Files. How does a mega-geek Voltron combo of Roberto Orci, Michael Dougherty, Seth Green and Jon Favreau grab you? says Ex-Comm is about a newly elected president and his top secret "Executive Committee," a group that investigates strange events and "conspiracy theory truths" to protect the U.S., mostly by covering them up, we'd imagine. Speaking of conspiracy theories, check out the convoluted plot about how this show got made:

Apparently Green cooked up the plot with Dougherty, who co-wrote Superman Returns and X-Men 2. They took it to Orci's production company, K/O Paper Products, which is co-owned by Alex Kurtzman. Kurtzman and Orci co-wrote Cowboys & Aliens, which was directed by Favreau, who wants to work in L.A. to be near his wife and kids and already has a good working relationship with ABC, because they picked up the pilot option for his idea called Tweaked. Got all that? This story should be in screenwriting 101 about how to get a goofy idea sold. Step One: Know some dorks with some pull in Tinseltown.

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[Last modified: Wednesday, October 5, 2011 2:40pm]


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