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Abercrombie & Fitch wants to pay Jersey Shore's Situation to not wear their clothes



tbd-situationabercrombie081811.jpgHere's a novel way to make money from an endorsement deal: Abercrombie & Fitch is offering to pay Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino to not wear their clothes. It seems they're just as sick of the Jersey Shore crew as we are.

A&F sent out a statement Tuesday evening saying the company had "deep concern" about how the Situation often lifts up his shirt and shows off his Abercrombie undies, so they wanted to offer both he and MTV producers a "substantial payment" so he would "wear an alternate brand," according to the Wall Street Journal. Maybe they shouldn't have a shirt called The Fitchuation, then.

"We understand that the show is for entertainment purposes, but believe this association is contrary to the aspirational nature of our brand, and may be distressing to many of our fans," read the statement, which also offered the rest of the cast money to stay away, citing a trend that was "distressing" to consumers who liked the brand's "aspirational nature." In other words, you're so nasty, we don't want you ruining our image. Interestingly, the statement was released the night before A&F's quarterly earnings call.

MTV was not worried: "It's a clever PR stunt and we'd love to work with them on other ways they can leverage Jersey Shore to reach the largest youth audience on television," a network spokesperson said. How much more leveraged can you get than hovering over the Situation's butt crack? You don't see Calvin Klein or Armani Exchange getting all upset about it.

[Photo: Well, those are Ed Hardy underwear. Can you believe we can't find one with A&F undies? Getty Images]


[Last modified: Wednesday, August 17, 2011 3:13pm]


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