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Adrianne Curry allegedly molested at Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando




One time America's Next Top Model and geeky fanboy dreamgirl Adrianne Curry wasn't too thrilled with her weekend trip to Orlando after some guy allegedly felt her up at Star Wars Celebration V. Guys, just because she's wearing Princess Leia's slave girl bikini doesn't mean she's 100 percent available, okay?

"waiting4an hour &a half 4 cops 2 show up at orlando4 a drunk man who reached up my skirt&molested me..then tried2drive drunk away.thanks ..." curry tweeted early Sunday morning via her Twitter account, @AdrianneCurry. "cops are here..molesting pervert drunk in the back of their car...going to bed! what the hell! c5,bitches!"

TMZ fleshes out the details by saying Curry was still wearing the outfit around 3 a.m. on her way to her hotel, not far from the Orange County Convention Center. The arriving officer says they found the alleged groper in the bushes in front of the hotel and arrested him for disorderly intoxication.

"FYI, I not only elbowed the guy in the face, I spit on him , screamed, and my friends cracked his head on the pavement more than 5 times," she added early Monday after flying home to Chicago. "I am ok, have some bruising downstairs and a cut, cause i think he had his keys in his hand when he did it...but I am ok..and with my mommy" That probably won't make it into the chamber of commerce brochures.

[Photo: A fan photo of Curry in Orlando over the weekend, via Facebook. And no, the fat Bib Fortuna behind her wasn't the molester.]

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