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Adrianne Curry kicked out of Comic-Con for wearing Aeon Flux costume



tbd-adriannecurry072611.jpgThe Juice* knew there would be salacious stories coming out of San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, so let's start with the fact that Adrianne Curry was kicked out for wearing this Aeon Flux outfit. Apparently even nerd conventions have standards.

After going to great pains to reproduce the animated Monican agent's g-string and trademark hairdo, the former America's Next Top Model winner tweeted via @AdrianneCurry, "just got stopped by a ton of costume is illegal...the butt....sigh" She was signing prints by artist Tom Hodges depicting her as Watchmen and Star Wars characters, but decency standards got her in trouble, prompting her to tell fans, "only time2see me as Aeon.cops r making me leave immediatly after my signing..."

Curry was spied wearing a red shirt tied around her waist while she was leaving, but given how some of these comic book geeks draw their female characters, we find it hard to believe an Aeon Flux costume was the worst offender there. Even her Imperial officer getup showed more of some parts than others. And let's not get started on how this is precisely the kind of stuff the geek fanboys fly to San Diego to see ...

[Photo: via Twitpic]

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