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Alec Baldwin says he's leaving '30 Rock' in 2012. Again.


It's been a couple months since the last time Alec Baldwin said he was giving up on NBC's 30 Rock, so it's time to make the announcement again. This time it was to CNN's Alina Cho. We all know he's lying, of course, but at this rate we'll be crossing our fingers he's been telling the truth come 2012.

"As much as I like acting, I know that I would love to have a different life… A private life… I’d rather go do other things,” Baldwin said, noting again that his contract expires the same year the Mayan apocalypse ruins us all. Coincidence?

That's pretty much the only quote of note, and since it's a repeat of what he's already said, it's questionable why this is even news. But hey, two more years of 30 Rock! We'll be ready for it to end by then. Six seasons is a good run, don't you think?

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[Last modified: Thursday, July 8, 2010 1:04pm]


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