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Had enough of Paris for the moment? A kid who lives in Riverview--that's a small community just southeast of Tampa--is getting some nationwide pub Monday night for something far less nefarious than, um... Par-i-ous. (Forgive me.)

A YouTube video of Neil Seaver flipping over a car (his body flies over the car, that is; he doesn't flip it, dude) has more than 5,000 views. Now, he's been invited to do the stunt on Monday night's Late Show with David Letterman. Here's Seaver's stunt:

To be fair, the 22-year-old isn't a Florida boy--he was raised in Akron, Ohio and lived there until two weeks ago. But he's here now, and hoping to attend USF in the fall. He said he never did any gymnastics until three years ago, when "one day I just thought it would be cool to do flips.”

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