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Alleged gay lover sues John Travolta over agreement




In case you were wondering whatever happened to all those alleged gay lovers exposing John Travolta a few months back, it looks like Travolta's lawyer Marty Singer has been sending out letters telling them to shut it. At least one, however, is suing the actor over the whole thing. So, it's still ongoing, is what we're saying.

Doug Gotterba, who was Travolta's personal pilot for six years in the 1980s and told the National Enquirer all about their alleged liaisons over that time, says Singer threatened to sue Gotterba for breaching his confidentiality agreement. Gotterba says in the suit he never signed any such thing, so he should be allowed to talk about all the gay sex he wants. He admits to signing a termination agreement, but there was nothing about keeping quiet, he says. That doesn't sound right to us, but whatever.

Singer told TMZ that's "ridiculous," because of course Gotterba signed a confidentiality agreement -- it's right there in the pilot's own lawsuit. "Mr. Gotterba obviously filed this lawsuit to get his 15 minutes of fame," Singer said. "We plan to get this meritless case promptly dismissed." And that's where things are right now. There, we saved you a trip to Ocala to look into it.

There's also word from Celebuzz that Travolta told Scientology publication Celebrity Magazine that he used an "assist" -- in which one Scientology helps another heal himself -- to lessen the pain in a man's broken ankle. That's getting a lot of blog posts written about it, but all Travolta seems to be saying is that he helped the guy focus on something besides pain and we can't find the article being quoted, so we're going to skip it. We don't want a letter from Marty Singer, after all.

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[Last modified: Monday, December 3, 2012 5:16pm]


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