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Alleged texts from Mariah Yeater show her admitting Justin Bieber isn't the daddy



tbd-mariahyeater110811.jpgMariah Yeater's story about how she got it on with Justin Bieber during 30 seconds of very disappointing hookup sex in a backstage restroom in L.A. is really starting to come apart now. That tends to happen when somebody she allegedly knows comes forward with texts that incriminate her in a conspiracy to extort money from Biebs.

TMZ says some guy who knows Mariah saved text messages in which Yeater asks the unnamed person "Pleeease ERASE ALL MESSAGES from my mom where she says (son) Tristyn is (ex-boyfriend) Robbies Son Ill kick u when we get paid im trusting you pleeease" It seems she trusted the wrong person, because whoever that is, they gave the scoop not only to TMZ, but to Howard Weitzman, Bieber's lawyer.

Weitzman seemed very interested in the messages, including one in which she allegedly tells the mystery source, "would you please stress to Robbie how important it is for him to be in his son's life?" While that is true, it's also important from Yeater to ask this source to erase every message, lest Weitzman use it for Justin's personal gain. Wait, it's already too late.

"This information proves Mariah Yeater fabricated the story," Weitzman told the site. "Our independent investigation indicates Ms. Yeater never met Justin, she has consistently identified another man as the child's father, and Ms. Yeater and her co-conspirators hatched this scheme in order to extort money from him and to sell her story to the media. There have been no settlement discussions and there never will be." Well, so much for that.

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[Last modified: Thursday, November 17, 2011 5:12pm]


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