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Amy Winehouse sings a racist song with Blake

Tbdamywinehouse061008 Another pier in the Amy Winehouse bridge to reality has been yanked, with the U.K.'s News of the World showing video footage and stills of the drug-addled songbird warbling a racist song in May 2007.

The video shows Wino and a friend named Sarah being filmed by Amy's husband Blake Fielder-Civil as they sing an awful ditty to the tune of Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Winehouse pulls her eyes into slits, among other inappropriate gestures, while the two use derogatory terms for blacks, Pakistanis and Asians. (We're not going to use them here, because there's really no need for all that. There's a link to the video here if you're mean-spirited enough to need to see it.)

Meanwhile, hubby Blake insists he's not recording the whole thing, and pans around to show drug paraphernalia littering the room.

"Well done. I promise I wasn't recording it," he says, adding to Sarah, "I swear on your life. I swear on your life." So much for Sarah's life, then.

Amy has apologized for the video to the horde of photogs following her, but the bigger news is that Fielder-Civil pleaded guilty to "inflicting grievous bodily harm" on a pub landlord and then trying to cover it up by getting a witness to withdraw from the trial. The pleas were submitted last week, , the London Times reported Monday, but were under a publication ban until now. Blake has been in jail since November and faces up to five years for the assault.

Really, there are no more jokes to make, but before you mumble "who cares," stop and think what would happen if Britney Spears tried something like this. It'd be pitchforks and torches faster than you can say "custody case."

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