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Amy Winehouse smokes crack, goes to rehab



In case you haven’t been keeping up with your train-wreck British soul singers lately, there’s a video out there on the Internet courtesy of the U.K.’s Sun showing Amy Winehouse last Friday allegedly smoking crack in her apartment (which you can see above).

Well, the Sun followed that up by reporting she finally said yes, yes, yes to rehab and left her home in a blacked-out Mercedes to go to the Edward House rehab facility. She was visited earlier Tuesday by her father Mitch, who was appropriately freaked out by the Sun’s video.

And yet, he made this fairly nonchalant comment to the tabloid when he was leaving to go to his daughter’s east London home: “She says she’s okay, so no problems. All that picture shows is what everybody knew anyway. Yes, I am worried about her, but this picture doesn’t show anything we didn’t already know before.” Well, nominate him for father of the year now, why don’t we?

Mitch probably wouldn’t want to hear it though, since he’s not to fond of gossip rags. “It just shows me the tabloids are resorting to underhand tactics to expose her and we already know what the problems are.”

For the record, those problems would be a 24-year-old singer complaining about partygoers at her house stealing her cat, telling a friend that she’s taken six Valium and then lighting up rocks in front of her wedding photo. Let’s see how long this stint at Edward House lasts.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:32am]


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