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Amy Winehouse's dad says drink was spiked



Tbdamywinehouse073108 Always good for a laugh is Amy Winehouse's pop, Mitch, who takes every opportunity to get in the British papers. This time the U.K.'s Sun says he claims Wino's latest hospital stay wasn't so much a reaction to medication as it was a dastardly act of sabotage courtesy of someone who spiked her drink.

“Mitch is furious. He’s certain someone put E in Amy’s drink — and he’s determined to get to the bottom of it," a source tells the rag. “He is convinced that one of her hangers-on was responsible and he’s waiting for a toxicology report to show what caused her to fit."

Mitch apparently vowed to hunt down the ne'er-do-well who caused the issue: “If his suspicions are proved right, he wants someone to be punished," the source says. "He is seriously unhappy about Amy’s flat being a stop-over for randoms and wants an end to it.”

More and more this is starting to sound like one of those Lifetime movies where the concerned parent is fretting over the sick child only to be caught putting lye in the kid's oatmeal or something. Munchausen's by proxy, next week on The Juice*!

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