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Angelina Jolie 'fed up' with pregnancy, hospital



Tbdangelinajolie071108 Angelina Jolie is reportedly "fed up" with this whole pregnancy thing and is ready for the twins of the Bradpocalypse to get the heck out already, In Touch Weekly reports. Apparently her weeklong stay at Lenval Hospital in Nice, France, is getting on her nerves.

"She's starting to feel that the staff are starstruck and not attentive enough," a source told In the mag. "She's throwing fits if she rings and they don't come quick enough." Gee, if they're not catering to her every beck and whim, then it doesn't sound like they're too starstruck, does it?

"I think she's in meltdown mode. She's been getting upset if there's not enough ice in her glass," the source continues. "She's not walking around anymore. She doesn't even take a shower early in the morning. She just stays in bed, talking on her phone, typing on her computer, reading magazines and watching TV." What do they expect? She has two human beings inside of her. This "source" is sounding more and more like Brad Pitt, doesn't it?

Anyway, we'll all see what the fuss is about when Angie has a scheduled C-section on Tuesday, the mag says. Then we'll see not only the miracle of birth, but we'll be one step closer to being overtaken by genetically engineered superbabies.

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