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Angelina Jolie says she and Brad Pitt would get married if the kids asked them




There's a new Angelina Jolie movie out soon, so in order to promote Salt, Angie has to do what all celebs do: Talk about anything and everything but the movie. For this one, she dredges up whether or not she and Brad Pitt would get married. Her answer? yes, if the kids asked them to.

"I think it would be hard to say no to the kids," the 35-year-old said on Good Morning America in a preview to Monday night's Nightline interview. "They're not asking. They are very aware nothing's missing."

Well, nothing except a seventh sibling. Is that gonna happen or what? All the glossies keep saying yes.

"We always have this thing, first thing in the morning, where we're really, really tired, and we look at each other and we wonder, Are we ever going to get sleep?" Angie says. "And yet we still love the idea of having more children."

That's pretty noncommittal, but then, so is our interest in her new movie.

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[Last modified: Wednesday, July 28, 2010 3:16pm]


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