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Angie says 'oops' over censorship



Tbdjolie061807 Okay, okay, so a gag order at the premiere of a movie about a murdered journalist was a bit “excessive,” Angelina Jolie says. Jolie told Daily Show host Jon Stewart that requiring interviewers to sign a contract insisting they not use quotes in stories about her personal life was a bit over the top Thursday night.

“There was a memo that went out to ask people if they would sign it that said, ‘Don’t get into personal questions, focus on the movie,’ and things like that,” Jolie said about the row at the premire of A Mighty Heart. “It was from my representative trying to be protective of me, but it was excessive and I wouldn’t have put it out there.”

Her attorney, Robert Offer, was quoted by the New York Times as saying the document was drafted by a “bone-headed, over-zealous lawyer,” meaning himself. Offer said Jolie didn’t know about the contract.

Jolie must sleep well at night knowing she’s surrounded by people willing to take these PR bullets for her. Maybe that’s why she told Stewart she and Brad Pitt want to have as many as 14 kids.

Watch it here:

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:14am]


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