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Anonymous, Scientologists fight over Katie Holmes during Broadway debut in 'All My Sons'



When Katie Holmes made her Broadway debut in All My Sons Thursday night, the anti-Scientology group Anonymous decided to take the opportunity to picket the theater to protest the religion. Holding up signs that read "SCIENTOLOGY KILLS" and "FREE KATIE" (and our personal favorite, "KEEP TOM"), the group moved from Bryant Park to the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, all the while arguing with alleged Scientologists who were passing out pamphlets with Anonymous members' names and addresses. Wait, what?

Tbdkatieholmes092208_2 In the above video, the annoying protestors are protested by annoying Scientologists, who, among other things, pass out a leaflet that says Anonymous members laugh at plane crashes and pronounce they are all on Prozac and belong in Bellevue. Really, you have to watch it all to believe it, since it's made that much worse by the inclusion of the Perfect Strangers theme music. It's stuff like this that reminds The Juice* people take celebrity news way too seriously.

As for Katie, hubby Tom Cruise was ecstatic, calling her performance "extraordinary." That's what he's supposed to say, right? The play officially opens Oct. 16, so we'll have to see who shows up outside the theater for that one.

[Photo: AP]


[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:02am]


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