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Like anyone saw 'Tron' back in '82



We’re officially at Level Gullible on the Homeland Security scare-o-meter. A weekend April Fool’s joke had the geekosphere all atwitter when several sites “reported” that the agency had classified the 1982 movie Tron as “sensitive” because scenes were filmed inside “Shiva, a nuclear fusion research facility created at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.” The viral report said the government was using the Patriot Act to sequester copies of the film, and implied that anyone purchasing or even owning the film would be suspected of not-so-nice activities. Like all good pranks, oodles of geeks freaked out on anonymous forums, apparently missing the fact that an FBI agent quoted in the story was named Lirpa Sloof. Read it at, but remember to use common sense.

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:09am]


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