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Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart engaged or what?



Tbd-robertpattinson090309 The cover of OK! magazine seems to think that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are getting ready for a hitchin', except E! is quick to point out that the Twilight costars aren't, in fact, engaged. How deceptively deceptive! Thanks for saving us $3.49.

Despite the slammer headline, the article says nothing about a ring or a bended knee, E! says. Rather, they've simply taken to acting like a married couple.

"If Kristen is looking for Rob, she'll say, 'Has anyone seen my husband?' " a source says in the story. "And Rob loves to say 'Have you met my lovely wife, Kristen?' It's cute. They're like a couple of love-struck teenagers."

Obviously these two know nothing about getting married. Feel free to bring your glazed, dead-eyed stares to stately Juice* Manor, where Mrs. Juice* will inform you a successful coupling is mostly about foot rubs and taking out the trash.


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