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Ashley Judd saves face, Amanda Bynes' dad says grace, Lindsay Lohan didn't leave her place



  • Ashley Judd swung back at critics who say her puffy face is evidence of her use of injectable cosmetic fillers, setting them straight by informing them on The Daily Beast they should consider she may have been on medication, gained a little weight or (gasp) gotten a little older. That's just ridiculous; who ever heard of an actress doing any of those things.


  • Amanda Bynes' father Rick wants everyone to know his daughter "blew a zero on the Breathalyzer" and his little girl "doesn't drink" after she was arreted for suspected DUI on Friday after grazing a cop car, People says. Because we all know dads have no blatant self-delusion when talking about their daughter's hitting the clubs.


  • Speaking of actresses who didn't do anything, Lindsay Lohan is supposed to be asking West Hollywood police to investigate the woman who accused the actress of pushing her last Thursday night, since LiLo contends she wasn't even out that night. Yeah, right, who you gonna believe, Officer Friendly? The girl accused of filing a false police report, or the repeat offender?

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[Last modified: Tuesday, April 10, 2012 5:16pm]


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