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'Batchelor' may have given out more than one rose



Juice_jakevienna Oh no! Are you telling me that The Bachelor's Jake Pavelka might have cheated on his reality TV love  Vienna Giraldi with a former girlfriend? Wow, now there's a shock. What's an even bigger shock? Jake denies it. Oh wait, none of this is shocking at all.

Seems that a woman in Panama City, Fla., -- of course there's a Florida angle -- called a local radio station in PC, Island 106, to say that Jakey has been in touch with her since he got (fake) engaged to Vienna. The ex says that he told her that he was coming back to her loving arms. Okay, we threw in the loving arms part but since he was on the wings of love, it sounded good.

On the interview, the ex said, "He came to my hometown, met my family, met my friends and deceived everyone. And I feel like I'm forced to say something for the sole purpose of defending my honor." Defending her honor may include revealing some evidence that Island 106 DJ Steve Kramer says she has.

Um, Jake, haven't you ever heard that old adage about a woman scorned? And that voicemails and texts can be forever?

The folks at Island 106 say that the ex -- who TMZ says is 24-year-old Tanya Douglas -- likely will have more to say Monday. Can we wait a whole weekend for that? Yes.

[AP: Jake "proposes" to Vienna at the conclusion of The Batchelor]

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