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Benicio del Toro not playing Khan, Peter Weller joining cast of 'Star Trek 2'



tbd-peterweller120611.jpgIt's time for Star Trek 2 news once again, this time to confirm two more things: One, Benicio del Toro will not be playing Khan Noonien Singh in the sequel; and second, Peter Weller is joining the cast to play ... somebody. Well, that clears up a lot.

After Latino Review claimed del Toro was set to play the infamous Star Trek villain, quoted as saying J.J. Abrams told them point blank the report was "not true," so you've got that. Then again, you don't need Khan to return, since Eric Bana already played that character in the first movie, although as a Romulan named Nero. Oh come on, it's the same character in almost every way. Whether that means del Toro is involved in any way, we can only guess.

Moving on, HitFix adds that one-time Robocop Weller has signed up for what is billed as a major role, although no one's telling what that is just yet. Maybe it's to play Khan. Boy will Benicio be angry.

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