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Betty Ford worker in Lindsay Lohan fight was fired




Yesterday we told you Lindsay Lohan could be headed back to jail if the judge in her case decided she had violated her probation, and had hoped we could ignore it until at least after Christmas, but in a gossip-starved world, this story won't go away. Now the Betty Ford worker tied up in her case has been fired for spilling the beans about her dustup with the freckled wonder.

TMZ interviewed Dawn Holland on Tuesday afternoon about the weekend incident (after allegedly getting a $10,000 payoff from the site), getting the dirt that she confronted Lindsay after she and her two roomates about needing a breath-alcohol test. LiLo responded by calling mom Dina, who knows everything, natch, and told her daughter she didn't need to take a breath test. Um, you do realize she's in rehab, right?

Holland told the site that Lindsay threw a phone at her and called her a "c--- bitch," then "yelled at me that she was talking to her mother and her mother told her she didn't have to breathalize, she asked me if I wanted to speak to her mother but would never hand me the phone." Holland then said she told Lindsay, who is known at the clinic by the code name Bella G., "You know that I could press charges against you for putting your hands on me.  And she replied 'Oh, you want money.'"

As sad and telling about Lohan as that is, the Betty Ford Clinic responded by canning Holland as soon as they found out she revealed the actress' name in print, which is a little ridiculous, since we already know the whole story.

"Regrettably, on December 21, 2010, one of our employees violated strict confidentiality guidelines and laws by publicly identifying patients in a media interview and by disclosing a privileged document," clinic officials told TMZ. "The employee has been terminated by the Betty Ford Center." Funny that they didn't name Holland, and told TMZ about the firing, since Dawn's blabbing to the site is what caused her to be fired.

Since that announcement, TMZ has noted that Holland has been accused of battery before -- by her own husband. Well, her ex-husband, Timothy Holland, who says she one day accused him of cheating and then hit him. In another throwdown in 2008, she "lost control, broke up a lot of my personal property and attacked me, kicking me in the leg and causing a contusion," her ex said. 

They divorced last year, and Dawn has a restraining order against him, but his request for one against her was denied. Maybe LiLo needs to go down there and show him how it's done.

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