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Brad Pitt blows $82,000 on a home for kids' gerbils



Tbd-brangelina091109 Brad Pitt has found something to blow his paycheck from Inglourious Basterds on, and it's not killing NAT-sees ... he just shelled out $82,000 for a house for his kids' pet gerbils. Yes, that's with three zeroes at the end.

The National Enquirer says Brad designed the habitat himself, putting in labyrinths, tunnels, platforms, seesaws and heated swimming pools for the pets Maddox and Pax picked out with Angelina Jolie in France: "The boys were really keen to get the gerbils and it was Angelina who reached into the cage to pet them before a store worker got them out," a source told the rag.

First of all, what a lame quote; Angie picked out a couple rodents? Woo. Second, is it really surprising he blew twice the median Floridian annual income on a Habitrail? This is a guy who could bathe in dodo blood every day, he's so rich. But why did it cost so much? Was it chiseled out of marble? we'll ahve to wait until it's featured in Architectural Digest.

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