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Brad Pitt wants to bring the mustache back



When he's not busy saving New Orleans or riding custom motorcycles or raising eleventy billion kids, Brad Pitt is focusing on one goal: reviving the mustache.

Tbdbradpitt120408_2 "That's my goal," the actor, 44, told Extra. "I don't think 'staches are respected enough. ... It's political. It's a political statement."

Yes, it's a political statement. Notable mustaches through the years have included John Holmes, Otto von Bismarck and Genghis Khan, the lesson being that we generally view that sort of thing as the domain of dictators and porn stars. Even Abraham Lincoln skipped the upper lip. Whaddya got after that, Teddy Roosevelt?

Anywho, more Pitt gossip is that he told the Today show this week he'd consider marrying Angelina Jolie if they're brood ever deemed it important. But if he's sporting a molesterish 'stache like that the whole time, they'd probably be afraid to ask.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:12am]


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