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Bradley Cooper, Renee Zellweger split; Was it because of Sandra Bullock and Jessica Biel?




Hollywood power daters Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper have split up, but the reason for it is still up for debate by the gossip hounds. Hey, two people can't just break up for no good reason, right?

A source tells PopEater's Rob Shuter that the couple, who had been dating for two years, simply went in different directions. They moved in together last fall, but when Renee wanted a ring, that may have been the beginning of the end.

"There is no doubt both of these people have not had a great experience being married -- however, Renee was ready to give it another try with Bradley," a friend says (Zellweger divorced Kenny Chesney in 2005, and Cooper's marriage to Jennifer Esposito fell apart after only four months in 2007). "She's 41 and has an Oscar. She's starting to think about children and settling down while Bradley loves his life exactly as it is. It's taken him a long time to be an A-list actor, and he's enjoying all the perks, fame and opportunities that have come his way following The Hangover. They are both in very different places in their lives and unfortunately just grew apart"

Star magazine, however, insists that the real reason was because he had been running around with other stars like Sandra Bullock and Jessica Biel -- despite the fact that Cooper, 36, has starred in movies with both actresses (All About Steve and The A-Team, respectively), and it would be perfectly reasonable for them to be staying at the same hotels. "Bradley has been looking for a way out of this relationship for months," a source told the glossy, noting that Bradley was spied leaving a hotel moments after Bullock, and they both looked "flustered and unkempt."

Well, of course they did. Have you ever tried checking out of a New York hotel when you're late for a flight? It's like trying to herd cats uphill through a cactus patch during a hot hail storm.

[Photo: Bradley and Jess at the MTV Movie Awards last June ZOMG THEY MUST BE DATING! Getty Images]

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