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'Breaking Dawn' director kills vampire sex scene




Twihards may have a tough time with director Bill Condon's adaptation of Breaking Dawn, not because of what it shows, but rather what it doesn't show. And that means sex, dear readers. Long-delayed, hot and steamy vampire sex. There's none of it.

The situation became unstable once Condon took on this particular chapter of the Twilight saga, in which Kristin Stewart's Bella and Robert Pattinson's Edward get married, have a baby and Bella becomes on of the blood-sucking undead (oops, spoiler alert). Not so poetic now, is it, vampire geeks?

"Once we decided that we didn’t want to show the wedding dress and once we decided we didn’t want to show her pregnant, we were limited to the honeymoon,” Condon told the L.A. Times while at las weekend's San Diego Comic-Con. “Then the question was do we want to show the sex, which would have been crazy and great, but I thought we should hold back on that.” What a gyp for fans who have been slogging through this abstinence fable for several chapters now.

What they will get is an added scene of Taylor Lautner's Jacob confronting his wolfpack because he decides to guard Bella and Edward, and another scene of the aforementioned honeymoon. Condon doesn't think fans will have a problem with it, though.

“With Kristen next to me, we were so intent on capturing everything powerful in the book. But sometimes, if you respect what movies do and what novels do, you’ve got to sometimes go in a different direction,” the director said. We'll have to wait and see if moviegoers decide to go a different direction, too.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 3:40pm]


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