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Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston may be back together



Tbd-bristollevi061710 While we're dipping our toes in the stagnant pool of political relationship news, we'll note that word is Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol and her baby daddy Levi Johnston have worked out a lot of their issues and are focusing on raising Tripp. Hey mom, you and your pals could learn a lot from those two.

"Bristol and Levi are still very close," a source close to 19-year-old Bristol tells Us magazine. "Now that Mama Palin is out of the picture and Bristol is on her own in Anchorage, they spend more time together than most people think. Levi even stays overnight. I even think they are back together." Well that's how this mess started in the first place!

But don't take an unnamed source's word for it: "Levi and me are co-parents of Tripp and we are actively working on being good parents together," Bristol told RadarOnline, with 20-year-old Levi adding, "Nothing is more important to me or Bristol than our son Tripp.  We are taking active steps to work cooperatively in raising him, and in sharing the joys -- and challenges -- of parenthood."

The Juice* isn't for shotgun marriages or anything, but it's nice to read these two acting like adults and not suing over child support or acting in silly pistachio commercials. 

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[Last modified: Tuesday, July 6, 2010 10:46am]


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