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Bristol Palin winning may kill 'Dancing With the Stars'




While Bristol Palin's unprecedented success on Dancing With the Stars has already killed one victim (the TV owned by that shotgun-toting wacko in Wisconsin), rumors are now flying that if she ends up winning, it'll kill the show. Don't worry, ABC can always produce Bristol Palin's Alaska instead.

"This will be a disaster for the show if Bristol wins," a source tells PopEater's Rob Shuter. "Any credibility the show had will be over. It will go from being a dancing competition to a popularity competition where whoever has the most rabid fan base will always win no matter how little talent they have." Isn't that how all voting contests work?


It remains to be seen if Sarah Palin's oldest cub will be able to beat out Jennifer Grey or Kyle Massey, but this week's ouster of Brandy has had reality show fans up in arms that she's getting undue help from mama grizzlies everywhere.

"Another problem the producers foresee is that after Bristol wins no one in Hollywood will ever want to be on the show again," an ABC source told Shuter. "Why would a real star want to compete and lose against someone like Christine O'Donnell or Levi Johnston? It's humiliating. The producers know they are in big trouble for sure." Oh come on now, neither of them is half as popular as the Palins are.

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[Last modified: Friday, November 19, 2010 2:52pm]


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