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Britney blah blah kids blah court blah no undies



Tbdbritneyspears101207 What would a day be without Britney Spears drama? On Thursday, Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon gave lawyers for Spears and Kevin Federline more time to discuss the singer’s visitation rights with their children, then ended the hearing without making a ruling on Brit’s request for overnight visits.

The hearing was a result of Spears filing an emergency motion to see Sean and Jayden, who were taken away from her on Oct. 1, the AP reports. The dire situation? Spears’ attorney, Anne Kiley, claimed overnight visits are critical for Spears to bond with her sons, since she can’t do that bonding while sucking down appletinis in Las Vegas.

“I do think it is an emergency for them not to have overnights with their mother, which they’ve always had,” Kiley said. “What possible concern can he (Federline) have if there are monitors present?”

Britney was so concerned, in fact, that she couldn’t even be bothered to attend the hearing (Federline also was absent) until after the commisioner refused to rule. 

K-Fed’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, was unimpressed, saying it was frustrating for Spears to try and bring this back to court so soon.

“If she could remedy all of those problems ... in one week, that would be a miracle,” he said.

One problem she couldn’t remedy is her missing underwear issues. Bratney was photographed sans undies yet again on a shopping trip, with those pics making the rounds on the InterWebs. Please cover your mouth when you yawn.

UPDATE: So, she apparently won overnight visitation rights with her kids. But she still has to be monitored. Woot. We're more interested about when Gordon said, "I understand you have a medical condition" when she didn't take her sunglasses off. What is she, some kind of vampire?

Read the AP story here.

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