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The Britney Instability Tour '07



Britney_2 After shopping in Atlanta last week, then turning her own camera on the paparazzi at a Burbank burrito joint, the Britney Spears vortex of crazy gets bigger every day. The fine journalists of Access Hollywood have even had enough. After witnessing a melee outside a Mexican restaurant thursday, online managing editor Jeremy Blacklow said, "I've never felt particularly sorry for her in the past, but after witnessing the way she was treated, I've changed my mind. She seemed very sweet -- to other restaurant patrons, to the restaurant staff, to her fans and to the paparazzi -- but this roving pack that follows her everywhere seems to really just have gotten out of control." She's also had public offers of sanctuary from Elton John, Victoria Beckham and Joey "Remember me, Britney" Fatone, who all say she looks like she could use some mothering. We can probably all agree, if there's one person who knows how to escape the public spotlight, it's Joey Fatone.

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