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Britney Spear-zzz starts VMAs with a thud



Tbdbritneya091007 It was Britney, bitch -- but not the one we knew. The Juice* tuned into the MTV Video Music Awards last night in Las Vegas to watch Britney Spears sleepwalk through a rendition of her new single, Gimme More, to open the show, and boy were we disappointed. (See video below.) 

Tbdbritneyb091007 Looking thoroughly confused, the princess of pop donned a sequined bikini and wobbled across a Chicago-esque stage full of dancers who seemed intent on upstaging her -- which isn't too hard these days -- and paying more attention to which direction her stringy extensions flopped than to pantomiming her steps. Even Sean Combs and 50 Cent looked bored while leather-clad women writhed on their stripper poles.

We can forgive the fact that Brit apparently missed some cues, that she lip-synched the whole time and even how she was jiggling in several places she shouldn't. But what diehard fans may find unforgivable is how completely bored and lost she looked, as if she were reciting the alphabet for class and halfway through decided she could live with a D just for showing up.

Her indifference became even more apparent about an hour later, when Chris Brown's marathon table-dancing session featuring a Billie Jean interlude and an apperance by Rihanna showed us what a performance should be. Britney, we expected you to give us more.

[Photos: AP]

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