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Britney Spears apparently not on drugs or suicidal; Dr. Phil says he was brought in at family's request



Tbdcedarssinai010808 Say what you want about the heartless hacks behind The Juice*, dear readers, but remember that we genuinely find it good news that People reports Britney Spears was neither on drugs nor threatening suicide during last week's standoff in Malibu.

A source tells People that the daily gossip sower tested free of drugs and alcohol while at Cedars-Sinai oveer the weekend, and rumors of her threatening suicide were "bull---."

"She tested clean," the source says. "This lady is as clean as clean can be, and has been for some time."

That would be an easy assertion to scoff at. Of course, this is the same source who says she has an undiagnosed bipolar disorder. Undiagnosed? Do the docs not read the tabloids?

This is in response to a News of the World report that Brit downed about 100 pills -- including 10 sleeping pills, 12 Vicodins, six Ritalins and 10 Zantacs -- with a mix of vodka, NyQuil and Red Bull the night of the standoff. During her alleged 36-hour binge, the papers says (and New York Post repeats), she called preggers sis Jamie Lynn to shout, "You're not going to be the only f - - - ing Spears on the front cover of a magazine next week!"

Spears was last seen at a restaurant with her paparazzo pal Adnan Ghalib in Palm Desert on Sunday, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. X17 says the parasitic pair are hiding out at the appropriately named Shutters Hotel in Santa Monica.

Tbddrphilmcgraw010808 Meanwhile, Dr. Phil McGraw was on CBS' The Early Show this morning to pimp his upcoming show about the singer (which has since been cancelled) and says mother Lynne Spears was the one who called him to Cedars-Sinai on Saturday.

"I want to set the record straight. I went to see Britney at the request of her family. I talked to Lynne, (father) Jamie and (brother) Brian because they were frustrated that she wasn't going to be held for a longer time," he said.

"Thursday night, the phone rang, it was Lynne. Clearly she was very upset, as any parent would be," he said. "I was first contacted by her family a year ago and had maintained a running dialogue for the last year or so."

No doubt for this very sort of occasion, we're sure. Other reports say Dr. Phil and Brit only spoke for about 15 minutes and she won't ever be on his show, but we'll just have to see about that.

[Photo: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Getty Images]

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:31am]


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