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Britney Spears is devastated after losing kids



Britney heading to court on Monday. If your life was like this, you'd be crazy, too.

Every once in a great while, The Juice* feels a pang of guilt when gleefully writing about any celeb’s problems, and especially when that celeb is Britney Spears. But while the world waits for the inevitable overdose or other suicide attempt, The Juice* isn’t quite so sure this kid-free lifestyle isn’t what Brit wanted in the first place.

Since we're ignoring In Touch Weekly's sex-tape story for now (where's the proof?), Us reports that after handing Sean and Jayden over to Kevin Federline just hours after being ordered to do so by the court, she drove to Bel Air tanning salon Epitome to catch some fake rays. Mind you, the court gave her two more days with her children, but she chose to drop them off waaay before Wednesday.

And now details are emerging from the case, with TMZ and the Daily Mail saying that the judge rescued the tykes after Bratney failed to do any of the things she was previously ordered to do. You know, little things like see a drug counselor, submit to drug-testing, enroll in parenting classes and even signing the judge’s order.

The most serious infraction happened over the weekend when she was photographed driving her kids around town despite not having a valid drivers license. She faces up to a year in jail for that one.

“We weren’t able to prove compliance with what the judge ordered,” attorney Sorrell Trope told People magazine. “Specifically, the judge ordered that by 10 a.m. (Monday) morning, both parties show valid California driving licenses. I’ve been unable to produce evidence of that.”

You’d think it would be a priority, but no. And now, even though it’s a temporary end of visitation rights, it may end up costing Brit everything.

“She was driving without a license with a child in the car,” divorce lawyer Raoul Felder told the Daily Mail. “You can put aside the in and out of rehab, the shaving her head. But this? When a judge went out on a limb for her? There’s no going back.”

Can you say “delayed adolescence? We knew you could.

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