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Britney Spears lawsuit in Tampa filed by Jonathan Lee Riches, who was just arrested by the feds




Britney Spears won't have to worry about her former brother-in-law Christopher Federline filing for a restraining order against her in U.S. District Court in Tampa anytime soon, for several reasons. For starters, the whole complaint was bogus, which we kinda figured. Secondly, it wasn't Kevin Federline's brother at all -- we just knew Chris wasn't Sean Preston's father. Oh, and finally, the feds just picked up the guy who filed it, because he violated probation while pretending to be the uncle of the Newtown, Conn., killer.

In the lawsuit filed in Tampa on Dec. 18, Chris Federline allegedly called Brit "out of control and a maniac," but it turns out the filer is the one out of control. points out it was really Pennsylvania man Jonathan Lee Riches, 35, who has filed something like 5,000 lawsuits over the last eight years, and was released from a federal correctional facility in Kentucky back in April after serving years for conspiracy and wire fraud.

Riches was just arrested by the feds for probation violation for leaving Pennsylvania to go to Newtown, Conn., after the elementary school massacre there. Two days after the killings, he impersonated gunman Adam Lanza's uncle, calling himself Jonathan Lanza and telling the New York Daily News and other media organizations the shooter took an antipsychotic called Fanapt, according to The Smoking Gun. Riches was also accused of failing to make restitution payments the court ordered as part of his five-year probation agreement.

The judge in the Spears filing dismissed the request on Dec. 20, which the National Enquirer failed to mention, saying the plaintiff didn't prove the middle district of Florida even had jurisdiction and citing three prior court cases brought earlier this year. Our crack Juice* research staff found in those incidents, Angelina Jolie's fake cousin Jonathan Jolie accused Brad Pitt (and possibly John Travolta) of beating him up outside the Scientololgy HQ in Clearwater, and in the other two a man named Gino Romano, a known Riches alias, alleged the Kardashians assaulted him at Disney World.

Riches has in the past also accused Kim Kardashian and Kanye West of joining an Al Qaeda camp in West Virginia, said he took erotic photos of Kim in Gap merchandise purchased with a stolen credit card and alleged (posing as Selena Gomez's father) that Justin Bieber stole his credit card and used it to buy penis enlargement supplies.

In 2009 he sued Guinness World Records for trying to name him "Most Litigious Man," but the company denied they even had such a category. He's like a one-man gossip generator; He even has his own Wikipedia entry and Facebook page.  And seeing as how he filed most of his fake lawsuits from prison, his hobby won't be ending even if the feds send him back to the clink.

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