Britney Spears must pay $375,000 in legal fees



Tbdbritneyspears031808_2 If you've been following Britney Spears' legal battles (at least a dozen or so of you have, we know), you can't wait to hear the thrilling conclusion to her latest court shenanigans.

The ever-popular court commissioner Scott Gordon said Spears must pay $375,000 of Kevin Federline's legal bills, People reports. Gordon called the Monday decision "reasonable." Why? Because "the actions of (Spears) caused the great majority of litigation." Ouch. That's especially painful, considering K-Fed recently left a $2,000 tip on a dinner bill of $365.

Back in the TV studio, Britney's March 24 appearance on How I Met Your Mother is almost ready. The plotline (see photo): Josh Radnor's Ted keeps asking his dermatologist (Sarah Chalke) for a date, but when she keeps turning him down, the receptionist (played by Ms. Spears) takes an interest. Pining for a date with a loser any sensible woman would turn down? It's good to see Britney acting out what she knows.

[Photo: CBS]

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:37am]

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