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Britney Spears released from the loony bin



Tbdbritneyspearsnew020708 Britney Spears has been discharged from UCLA Medical Center's psychiatric ward, the Los Angeles Times reports. She apparently slipped out and drove herself away from the hospital in her brand-new black Mercedes.

TMZ quotes a law enforcement source as saying she was allowed to leave "because she was no longer required to stay there after 11:30 a.m." Doctors decided she was no longer a danger to herself or others -- at least, not to the point where they could hold her at the hospital.

Private security escorted her out of the hospital after almost a week of treatment. No tax dollars were wasted with dozens of cops this time, unlike the ridiculous motorcade on Jan. 31.

"There was no media, no paparazzi, and no need for public safety protection," Capt. Sharyn Buck of the North Hollywood PD said. She apparently went home from the hospital, but took again to the streets of L.A.

Those paparazzi showed up eventually, though, as someone else took over driving duties by the time at least 20 SUVs full of photographers followed her to the Beverly Hills Hotel. The local Fox affiliate showed video shot from its helicopter of the paparazzi vehicles converging from four lanes to one and causing traffic to snarl. She pulled into the hotel's entrance, where police were summoned to break up the nonsense, but she left shortly afterward, the AP says.

TMZ had video showing a photographer asking Britney if she wanted Adnan Ghalib's new phone number, to which she responded Adnan could "shove it up his a--."

Which is all the more confusing because later in the day she and Ghalib paid a visit to attorney Adam Streisand's office, which means she apparently did talk to Streisand at some point during her time at UCLA. Court Commissioner Reva Goetz had questioned at this week's hearing whether Spears was of sound enough mind to hire Streisand.

Spears is still under the court-ordered conservatorship of her father Jamie and attorney Andrew Wallet until at least Feb. 14, a move Streisand had tried to counter. She also is benefitting from a restraining order against manager Sam Lutfi, whom Brit's mother Lynne alleges kept the singer hostage in her own home, drugging and mentally abusing her.

And frankly, that's all us East Coasters can keep up with for now. Stay tuned for another exciting chapter in our ongoing series, Britney Spears: Date With Destiny!

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:34am]


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