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Brolin, Wright Tased, pepper sprayed in bust



Tbdjoshbrolin071808 While we already knew Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright were arrested in Shreveport over the weekend, those grimy folk at TMZ managed to get more details of the incident. The site says witnesses described nasty redneck cops dousing the actors with pepper spray and dropping N-bombs on Wright. That'll be great for Louisiana tourism.

The arrests, which occurred at the Stray Cat bar in Shreveport during a wrap party for Oliver Stone's movie W, involved repeated use of a Taser and spray on Wright, who was lying prone on his stomach at the time. The dreaded N-word was used several times, and Brolin, who was apparently trying to smooth things over, got the spray in the eyes more than once.

Tbdjeffreywright071808 The city attorney has yet to file criminal charges against Brolin or Wright for interfering with a cop, TMZ says, but if video footage from patrol car cameras actually shows that and gets widely distributed, we're not so sure the actors are the ones who will go to court. But what do we know? We weren't there.

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