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Brooke Hogan says Linda has a tramp stamp



We really don't spend a lot of time watching Brooke Hogan and her clan on Brooke Knows Best, mostly because we're big proponents of truth in advertising, but a recent exchange the youngster had with mom Linda caught our attention. It seems Brooke is debating over getting a tattoo, and that leads to Linda revealing her own secret ink.

"I got a little tiny heart right where my bathing suit covers on my back," she says, referring to the space above her, well, crack. "I had Terry's initials (we think she said both, but we're not checking) put in it."

Then the d-bag at their house says, "Okay, time to get rid of that puppy," and some chick says Hulk needs to ditch his Linda ring, making for a very uncomfortable gathering around the table.

Brooke breaks the silence by saying she wanted a musical note on her neck, or behind her ear, prompting mom to ask, "Why don't you do like where I did mine, because you have a cute sexy back?" while spinning her daughter around and lifting up Brooke's shirt.

"Mom," Brooke doth protest, "because that's a tramp stamp."

Cue shocked looks and Linda's incredulous question of "What? I have a tramp stamp?"

Next week: Someone will point out to Linda that she's dating a teenager who looks like her husband, and that might be perceived as creepy.

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:01am]


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