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Brooke Hogan talks about voting, hypocrisy



Brookehogan We're moving into a third straight day of chastising Brooke Hogan's MySpace exploits, because she had the gall to call out gossip blogs for being mean and nasty (it's like giving a junkie a fresh needle, BB). While Hulk and Linda are in divorce court, we're going to rip on her latest diatribe, which defends her comments that she doesn't vote by saying she's not smart enough to do it.

"Only 54 percent of eligible american voters cast their ballots!!!!!! Half of them are only voting cause its 'cool' to vote for so and so...they aren't even up to date on information," she writes. "I'M personally not up to date on the facts, so I don't wanna make a stupid choice for our country. I WANT to vote but only when I know exactly whats going on. More ppl should think like that."

And while that sounds almost, sorta normal in a bizarro way, her next comments about the press are just plain stupid, and we're not just being prideful.

"they really are stupid and report false news for the mean green. I feel bad for YOU guys. They are teaching our young generation how to be catty , obtain false ways of thinking and wrong ways of treating people...not to mention giving them horrible self image to look up to and horrible life choices that they are being taught to make led by an example from IDIOTS. ... To teach these kids to live vicariously through other people is ridiculous," she says, which would be great if she didn't hang her shingle on whoring out her dysfunctional life on VH1 for years now.

And the best part is her 12-step program for being a better you, which we'll republish here, sans mindless gabbing afterward:



Never stick with a cheater.

Work Work Work.

Never gossip, never feel negatively toward ANYONE.

Speak. Whatever you think, whatever you feel.

Be honest.

Live. Live like its your last day on earth- as corny as it sounds. LIVE.


Turn OFF the TV!!!! (This one is particularly amazing, since she's got a new show.)


......then do a bad ass workout.

Don't you feel so much smarter now?


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