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Cameron Diaz possibly dating both Leonardo DiCaprio and Jude Law



Tbd-camerondiaz072209 The U.K.'s Sun breathlessly wants us to know that Cameron Diaz is entwined in the middle of a secret love triangle between her and Leonardo DiCaprio and Jude Law! What is this, 1998? It's like that episode of Friends where Joey and Ross were both dating that neighbor girl, and about as timely.

The ubiquitous anonymous source says that Leo is back on the prowl after splitting from Bar Refaeli, and Cameron just happened to be in town.

"Cameron has been showing a lot of interest while he is in London filming. She was back at his rented apartment in Knightsbridge, west London, a couple of times last week after a series of secret dates," the source says, oddly naming the part of town like a news story would. "They were joking with friends that they played chess together."

Diaz and Law, however, are old pals.

"Jude and Cameron have been good friends since they filmed The Holiday together a few years ago," the source says. "Now they are both single, things are a bit different between them. Jude has been flirting with her and she has been playing along."

Wow, longtime friends being flirty. Who woulda thunk it? And why do celebrities never date normal people? Only once in a blue moon do you hear of some multi-platinum recording artist dating Nancy the secretary from accounting.

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