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Carrie Fisher half-heartedly says she'd be in 'Star Wars: Episode 7'




We've already said Harrison Ford would be willing to return to the Star Wars fold to play Han Solo, but now Carrie Fisher has said she'd be up to coming back, too. That would really play into the fanboy wish list of Han and Leia getting married and having little Jedi children, wouldn't it?

In a video featuring perhaps the most unenthusiastic response to a question The Juice* has seen in years, TMZ asked Fisher if she'd be up for reprising her role. "Yes. Sure. ... Wouldn't you?" Writing it out really doesn't do it justice, so be sure to watch it here.

Carrie also humors the paparazzi by saying she thinks George Lucas should have gotten $4.5 billion for Lucas film, a cool $500 million more than DIsney paid for it. Because hey, they need to be able to pay her a decent salary for Episode 7, you know.

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[Last modified: Wednesday, November 7, 2012 3:29pm]


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