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CBS may really ask John Stamos to replace Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men'



tbd-johnstamos030211.jpgThere have already been rumors that John Stamos may replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men, which Stamos himself has denied, but now E!'s Marc Malkin says it's actually true. Hey, it's not like they'd want Carlos to know if he was getting canned, would they?

CBS honcho Les Moonves apparently rapped with Stamos on Saturday in a 15-minute conversation at Jeffrey Katzenberg's Night Before benefit at the Beverly Hills Hotel about whether Uncle Jessie would be interested in the job, E! reports. "They were at the bar talking and Les asked John if he'd be interested in replacing Charlie," a source says. "It wouldn't be to play Charlie's character but they talked more about introducing a new character."

Publicly, Moonves is still staying neutral on Charlie, saying on Tuesday only "I wish he would have worked this hard to promote himself for an Emmy." The Hollywood Reporter says the Moonves thinks showing reruns of the show "is actually a gainer for us" in the short-term, mostly because they don't have to pay Sheen's salary. Stamos has to like the sound of that.

Bigwigs like Paramount CEO Brad Grey seem to think the idea could work, even though Stamos just tweeted on Friday via @JohnStamos that he hadn't been asked to do anything: "contrary to the rumors, i am not replacing charlie sheen on two and half men. however, martin sheen has asked me to be his son," he wrote. Maybe that's where Moonves got the idea.

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