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Charlie Sheen says 'Two and a Half Men' execs are to blame for no show




Charlie Sheen really took his chompers to the hands that feed him, throwing the producers of Two and a Half Men to the wolves on a radio show Monday morning. Boy, it's a good thing nobody listens to the radio these days, huh, Warner Bros.?

Sheen said on The Dan Patrick Show that his voice was raspy because he'd spent too much time yelling and banging on the show's studio door trying to go back to work. He said nobody was there, despite his eagerness to get back to work. Um, Chuck, buddy, that's the kind of thing crazy people do.

"(The execs) said 'You get ready and we'll get ready' ... and I got ready and went back and nobody was there ... I don't know what to tell ya," TMZ quotes Sheen from the show. "I'm here and I'm ready. They're not. Bring it." The show told the site that the plan wasn't to go back to shooting until Feb. 28.

It's a good thing TMZ also says Sheen doesn't have a morals clause in his contract. We'd think going on the radio and saying your bosses are the ones to blame for your supposed hooker-filled, drug-feuled mega-benders definitely reflects poorly on the show.

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