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Chevy Chase bio details abuse



Tbdchase042407 Chevy Chase may have had a long career as a funnyman, but his childhood was genuinely tragic. The New York Post provides a peek of his new authorized biography, Rena Fruchter’s I’m Chevy Chase ... And You’re Not, detailing a history of abuse by a crazy mother and vicious stepfather.

Seems Chase’s concert-pianist mama, Cathalene, suffered from depression and panic attacks, and that caused her to do stuff like lock Chevy in a closet for hours on end and whip him on a regular basis. “She would say to me, ‘Ten lashes on the backs of your legs every day for a week at 5 p.m.’,” Chase recalls. “... I knew I was a ‘bad boy,’ but I didn’t know that everybody wasn’t punished the same way I was.”

Cathalene’s second husband, John Cederquist, also battered Chase with “emotional and physical abuse that sometimes bordered on torture,” Fruchter writes. “I’ll never forgive them. At their graves I didn’t,” the comedian says. “It was too hard for me. You would think a grown man could shake it off, as the coffin was being lowered, to say, ‘I forgive you.’ I didn’t forgive.” [Photo: AP]

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