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Chris Brown has nude photos and a new album




Chris Brown is ready to step out in the spotlight, and he's doing so in appropriately outrageous fashion: By having nude photos splashed all over the Internet. He must have really learned some lessons from the Britney Spears camp. over the weekend had a couple pics the singer had taken with a cellphone, showing off his bleached blond hair and a whole lot more. We're showing you part of one from a video player on the site above, but that's all we dare reveal, lest we embarrass a few folks out there. Let's just say it takes the nickname Breezy to a whole new level.

But all this is probably a PR stunt, given his new album F.A.M.E. (Forgiving All My Enemies) is on its way. He blabbed to the New York Post that his post-Rihanna world has been tough, given that most people abandoned him -- although not pals like Pharrell Williams and Pitbull, he notes. But things are turning around, and it looks like he's coming in from the cold.

"They wanna get on the record. They wanna let me back in the door," Brown said of recording industry types. "The last two years, everybody dissed me. But my fans were so dedicated. The way I look at it is, you can't walk around mad, because then you just prove everybody right that you're an angry person." Well, slamming your girlfriend's head into a car window and biting her fingers as she tries to fight you off is what makes us think you're an angry person, but hey, look, nude photos!

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