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Chris Rock discussed rape claim with P.I.



Tbdchrisrockrihanna031708 Only a few months after settling that business with a Georgia woman who claimed he fathered her child (he didn't), Chris Rock is heard on an audio tape discussing a rape claim with a private investigator, the Huffington Post reports.

Audio of the August 2001 conversation with Anthony Pellicano was posted on the site, with the comedian lamenting how the allegation will affect him. He had been accused of rape by Monica Zsbrita, with whom he'd had a one-night stand at the Beverly Hills Hotel in 1998.

"I'm (bleep)ed. I'm better getting caught with needles in my arm. Way better. Needles, with pictures," he says. "There's Chris Rock shooting heroin -- much better blow to the career."

Pellicano goes on to inform Rock that Zsbrita's police report claims the woman saved Rock's semen in a tissue and put it in her pocket, saving it in her freezer for her claim. "I've been so set up," Rock says on the tape.

"Does your old lady know what's going on?" Pellicano asks.

"No. She thinks it's over, put it that way," Rock replies. "She knows of it."

At the time, Rock was separated from wife Malaak (who filed divorce papers last year but later dropped them). Charges were never filed against Rock.

Listen to the 31-minute conversation here.

[Photo: Rock eyeballs Rihanna last month. Getty Images]

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