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Chris Tucker talks to Tiny Lister about doing a fourth 'Friday' with Ice Cube



rsz_tbd-christucker112111.jpgIn case hating on remakes isn't quite your thing (then why are you reading The Juice*?), you can always roll your eyes about sequels. Like, sequel's to Ice Cube's 1995 comedy Friday. Yes, it could happen. No, we don't know if Craig will have gotten his own place by then. says New Line Cinema wants Cube to write, produce and star in a fourth installment, and maybe even direct, and that seems backed up by TMZ, who says Chris Tucker and Tiny Lister got back together to discuss doing a new movie together with Smokey and DeBo returning. We don't know where that leaves Mike Epps, but he should call his agent.

It's interesting Tucker is involved in these get-togethers, because he refused to be in Next Friday or Friday After Next because he said smoking weed was now against his religion. Even more interesting is that Tucker and Lister also want to do a sequel to 1997's The Fifth Element, which will probably only be a reality if Milla Jovovich's husband Paul W.S. Anderson were writing it, and then no one would want to see it.

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