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Christina Applegate shows off her baby belly



tbd-christinaapplegate072710.jpgIt's been awhile since Christina Applegate's battle with breast cancer, so we'll dish some good news about the world debut of her big pregnant belly at Sunday's premiere of Cats & Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore. Yes, Sunday; What, you expect us to pay attention to the premiere of that movie?

There's no real word on the gender of or how far along Christina is along with Martyn Lenoble's child, noting only that she's "somehwere between zero and 10 months." She did tell to Entertainment Tonight that she's craving "Weird things at weird hours," mostly avocados. As for her fashion selection, she revealed before the L.A. red carpet walk on her Twitter account, @1capplegate, "All is well except that I don't know how to dress this belly yet. So big black shirt it is."

Before that she discussed a phenomenon The Juice* has noticed: The pregnancy minidress. What's up with that? Christina wants to know, too: "Who are these women who can wear a short dress while pregnant? Seriously congrats ladies, cuz it aint gonna happen over here. Yikes!" Agreed. Yeah, we're looking at you, eight-months-pregnant woman we saw at the Rays game.

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